Exhibitions in Amsterdam – How to Find the Best Deals

 Exhibitions in Amsterdam, the Netherlands are great ways of learning more about other cultures and their ways of life. It is also a great way to meet other artists, dealers, supporters and participants from around the globe. There are a wide variety of venues for holding an exhibition in Amsterdam. Here are some ideas for venues where you can have your exhibition.

The Van Gogh Museum is one of the most visited museums in Europe, with its brilliant exhibitions that highlight the work of this famous Dutch artist. Themes of the artistic world are reflected in the paintings that are on display in this museum. For anyone planning an exhibition that runs for more than one week, there is a special free mind exhibition taking place on Friday, June 14th from noon until four in the evening. You can ask for an early registration or for a general admission ticket to be valid for the duration of the exhibition. You will need to present a passport when you present this card at the entrance.

If you want to have a quiet time during your trip to Amsterdam, and you do not wish to break the budget by paying for hotel accommodation or eating at restaurants, there is an option of having a private exhibition at one of the many art galleries and private collections found in the city. There is no shortage of quality Dutch art collection in the country. A number of renowned private collectors have their own art galleries and permanent display spaces in the capital city. A few of these are listed below.

The Philips Museum is home to some of the world’s greatest works of art and Dutch culture including one of the largest collections of paintings in the Netherlands. These include Rembrandt’s Seurat, Jan Van Eyck’s The Courtship of the Three Princes and Madamoiselle de Scudery’s Seascape. This vast collection has been chosen as the place for the Netherlands pavilion exhibition of the same name.

For those looking for a taste of traditional Dutch artwork there is theij Fritte van Sloten which is situated in the Vondelpark square in the city center. The exhibition runs until the 1st of February, with free parking available for visitors wishing to park their vehicles. Exhibitors and visitors will also be able to enter a special exhibition entitled “Nieuwenhof – Doorstep to Modern Art”, which features works from over 80 Dutch artists. This exhibition runs until the 8th of February and will feature work by over a dozen artists who will be travelling to Amsterdam from across the world.

If you prefer conventional Dutch decoration and art, this exhibition is not going to disappoint you. There are a number of exhibition stands situated throughout the venue, including two large exhibition stands situated on the Sloten. This exhibition stands can only be visited during the times when the exhibition is running, and they offer a good insight into the style of décor that is common to the Dutch tradition. These exhibition stands are operated by volunteers, so if you have the opportunity to help out you should grab it.

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